Semalt Review: How To Make A Media Scraper

Are you trying to scrape content from unreadable and boring web pages? Most often, people don't read articles and blog posts and love watching videos. If you want to engage your visitors, you would have to write a media scraper and use it to extract videos and images for your own blog.

With the following apps, you don't need to browse through YouTube and Flickr to find appropriate media to scrape. Some of these apps are free-to-use while the others may require you to pay a fee. You can check more details on their official websites.

1. cdART Manager – Simplify the Music Library Maintenance:

cdART Manager helps write a media scraper, and you can undertake multiple data scraping tasks later on. It is a Kodi add-on that is designed to organize the music libraries and write different media scrapers instantly. You just need to read its documentation to understand how cdART Manager helps accomplish your tasks. This application is suitable for both programmers and non-programmers, and you don't need sophisticated coding skills to write a scraper. The service will allow you to customize the video albums and download folders manually. cdART Manager is easy-to-use and helps improve the functionalities of your media scraper to an extent. You can download it from the official Kodi repository.

2. Ember Media Manager

Ember Media Manager is actually a Windows-based application that allows you to organize the media libraries. Another distinctive feature of this tool is that you can write a media scraper and launch multiple scraping tasks at a time. Once activated, Ember Media Manager will ask you to provide particular codes to write your scraper. It builds up databases for all of your content. You can download it from the Ember Media Manager homepage. It is also a perfect tool to organize television shows.

3. Media Center Master

As the name indicates, Media Center Master comes with Kodi integration and helps write media scrapers in a better way. You can also organize your movies and audio files using this service. The application scans and updates the media libraries and alerts you about the latest Python and PHP codes to write scrapers. Another distinctive feature of this application is that Media Center Master can be connected with the torrent sites. Once a tool is built, you can use it to fetch content and pull data out of different websites.

4. Media Companion

Media Companion is a comprehensive media library that allows you to organize the audio and video files and helps write a scraper. You need to have basic programming skills because you cannot write a scraper tool with that. In addition, Media Companion helps scrape and download images to your hard drive. It has a user-friendly interface and various amazing features. With this application, you can easily export scraped content to CSV, PDF, HTML, and JSON. Media Companion is not suitable for a newbie due to its overwhelming features and options. Thus, this tool is good for programmers, webmasters, and enterprises only.